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You'll get a fantastic 300x300 pixels chibi drawing of any character you want! Please add a reference sheet or at least 2 or 3 images of your character for me to see all the markings and accessories. 

Complex characters are +200 points. Please ask if your character need this extra fee or not. ;) 

Thanks for buying! 

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Wrath Of Winter - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Ordinary Life In Cliffside
- By SoulDragonWithFlow
The very first few beams of early summer morning peaked over the ocean horizon, bestowing the small dragon town of Cliffside in natural fiery beauty. The sun’s very edges could just be seen over the water far to the east, sending the first tiny glimmers of natural orange streaks of fire and cosmic breath across the clear sky. Below lay Cliffside itself; named so due to its placement a stone’s throw from the edge of a cliff, the land dropping away suddenly a few hundred feet, before giving way to jagged rocks, sharp outcrops and eventually, an almost enterally flat beach, made of fine, dark sand and dotted with rock pools ultimately dissolving into the ocean of the North Sea. Near the cliff edge, lay the observatory – a typically spherical example, perched by far the closest to the edge of the cliff, away from the settlement lights for the clearest view possible of the heavens above. Anyone could boo
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 2 2
Wrath Of Winter - Prolouge
  The Wrath Of Winter
by – SoulDragonWithFlow
Prologue - Begin

Author’s Note: This is a direct sequel to my previous large project, The Familiar Stranger, however, you are NOT required to have read that for Wrath of Winter to make sense. Wrath of Winter will be its own stand-alone story, and any important details from the previous story will be recalled and explained, and will be few and far between anyway. I hope you enjoy the plot I have planned, as I’ve put a lot of work into it and plan to introduce lots of new lore, species and characters to the planet Sarahn. Enjoy!
“Hold her,” A cloaked upright figure spoke darkly through the muffling effect of his cloth mask. Cold metal clamped down on young flesh as tears fell to the floor. Another masked figure held the whimpering youngster in place by way of an extended metal claw around her neck. Many unmerciful eyes watched as she was dragged from her iron and stone cell. Some were upright wh
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 7 0
The Wrath of Winter Synopsis
The Wrath of Winter Synopsis
-By SoulDragonWithFlow
Over two years have passed since Mistyte’s death, and the quiet dragon settlement of Cliffside has all but forgotten about the turmoil caused by the Vectriform and her will to simply survive. Life however has continued as normal, almost seeming dull by comparison; but despite what some may think, lightning can, and often does strike twice.
Tragedy strikes Cliffside, when Twilight mysteriously disappears without a trace, leaving behind nothing but the haunting memory of her own screams. With time against them, her friends must work together, bringing together all of their knowledge, resources and skills to track her down before it’s too late, especially when it is revealed that an old, very well-known enemy is behind it. For Twilight’s friends, it is an epic race across the globe, where every second counts. They will cross endless plains, harsh jungle, scorching desert, and freezing winter tundra, meeting all m
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 1 3
Spyro + Cynder by SaberGhatz Spyro + Cynder :iconsaberghatz:SaberGhatz 15 0
Rebirth - Prologue
This is my first deviation, so I hope you like it. It is a story set in the world of Spyro the Dragon, sometime in his late teen years. I've tried to use a range of techniques for symbolism and representation, including using colour and timing, and also I have tried to make the language as descriptive as varied as possible. The main characters this story are not yet completely grown adults, however they have reached sexual maturity, as well as completed all forms of basic training which have given them the skills they need to get through life well. I.e., flight skills, elemental training, biology, literacy, basic history, honour, foundation fighting skills etc. So the equivalent of about 16/17 in human years. (I will leave you to decide exactly how old this is in Dragon years.)
Our story however, is not about Spyro himself. It is rather about a strange newcomer, who, at first is taken to be a threat but soon gains the trust of others, one dragoness in particular: Twilight. Twi
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 31 29
Rebirth Synopsis and Background
Rebirth Background and Synopsis
Okay, first the basic storyline and Synopsis (kind of the sort of thing you may find on the back of DVDs)
Have you ever had something stolen from you? Have you ever thought you have everything, only to discover you have nothing? Have you ever been offered help that you knew you just didn't deserve? But most of all, have you ever been in love?
The answer is yes to all these questions for Raiko, a young, black male Dragon, incredibly strong in mind body and spirit. One day, Raiko finds not only badly injured, but also chained and suppressed by the Dragon elders, unfairly taken to be an enemy and a threat to the settlement's inhabitants. Although he is soon released, Raiko does not one bit wish to stay in the peaceful village, as he's been living in exile for years, due to a dark past that has left him with nothing. Twilight however, a young blue beauty with a heart of gold, quickly develops strong feelings for the troubled Raiko and feels can not only heal
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 6 10
The Familiar Stranger Prologue
  The Familiar Stranger
by –SoulDragonWithFlow (Formally SoulRunnerWithFlow)
Prologue - Restless Night

Through the darkness in a silent room, a young black dragon stirred restlessly up and down through the layers of sleep. His mate, the somewhat beautiful blue and white dragoness Twilight, slept heavily next to him, oblivious to his constant shuffling. Raiko awoke completely for the fifth time that night, to find he had barely slept another 20 minutes since he last awoke from his light sleep. Raiko at this point had lost his patience and instead of trying fruitlessly for a sixth time for any form of decent sleep, he decided he would try and solve the problem. He needed to wear himself out, and to clear his head. Luckily, there was one thing he loved to do more than anything (besides Twilight) that did both for him. Raiko rolled over to face his beloved mate sleeping next to him. She was on her side, facing away from him, wings tucked in her sides and tail curled
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 14 33
The Familiar Stranger Synopsis
The Familiar Stranger Synopsis
Little over a year has passed since Raiko and Twilight first met and things are moving quite smoothly for them. With the help of his beloved and wonderfully kind hearted mate, Raiko is finally beginning to come to terms with his past and is enjoying every day of his new life: both day and night. The days are growing colder however and befitting the stormy autumn weather and the icy winter to come, Raiko’s life is about to be changed forever. Raiko’s little world is turned upside down, and his relationship with Twilight tested as his past finally catches up with him; the result of a single, restless night.
After bumping into his brother, Dash, (a most unwelcome intruder into Raiko’s new life) Raiko is shown an impossible secret, one that will change the way Raiko views himself, and even his relationship with his mate forever.
For a short while everything seems ok, so long as Raiko and Dash do not cross paths, however after a terrible and
:iconsouldragonwithflow:SoulDragonWithFlow 1 0
Alternatively by mintycanoodles Alternatively :iconmintycanoodles:mintycanoodles 178 6 hey look ma, lineart by mintycanoodles hey look ma, lineart :iconmintycanoodles:mintycanoodles 172 6 Random Parrots by TastesLikeAnya Random Parrots :icontasteslikeanya:TastesLikeAnya 579 26 Macaw Speedpaint by TastesLikeAnya Macaw Speedpaint :icontasteslikeanya:TastesLikeAnya 250 8 Dark Woods EarthCloak - Bead Trade by GentleLark Dark Woods EarthCloak - Bead Trade :icongentlelark:GentleLark 52 5 Marina by Sindonic Marina :iconsindonic:Sindonic 120 8 Mahi Mahi by Sindonic Mahi Mahi :iconsindonic:Sindonic 156 8 The Internet breaks Ralph by bleedman The Internet breaks Ralph :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,811 365



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Hey, lovelies! 

I'm working on this year's updates for my website. I'm going for the more colour this time, and so I decided I'll add some "buttons" for my services. They will not work exactly as buttons... more like bullet points... don't know how to explain it. 
Guess you'll find out soon. ;) 
Emergency commissions! by KairaAnix

If you can help Kaira, go ahead or spread the word. ;) 


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